Several leading varieties are created : First, the outdoor lighting with a large choice of traditional lanterns, all inspired from former shapes, which are either made of brass or zinc and therefore do not rust, and get a special patina whit the passing time. Brass or zinc can be painted, to resemble, for example, old rusted iron patina... Lanterns exist as wall lights (1/2), as outside angle (3/4), as hanging light under gallows or on a console. There are many possibilities, and many sizes... The lantern is considered as a decorative component to be set on the outside home façades. Their lighting effect can be enhanced by a more technical and more functional (operational) outdoor lighting of garden. The second variety is the indoor lighting, with a selection of French artisans, among whom : An iron worker who has worked for many generations. It is why you can find a large choice of very decorative wall lights made of wrought iron on the façades of the southern houses. And also a large choice of imposing chandeliers made of wrought iron which allow to light nice tables, bringing also a decorative component. A marker of indoor wall lights made of antique look terracotta. Those are handmade and sanded, which gives indirect authentic wall lights in nice shapes which allow to illuminate corridors, patios …

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