Henri Sié

A southerner, born in Toulouse in 1936 where he studied fine arts, Henri Sié discovered Saint Tropez 25 years ago. He was seduced and enchanted by the light and the colours of Provence , falling under the charm of the old village, he opened his gallery next to the church. An enthusiast of painting and music he showed his work at a salon in Paris and at 28 discovered he had a lyrical baritone voice. He was trained by the well-known Wagnerian singer Germaine Lubin and the melody writer Pierre Bernac, and won several international contests. He sang major baritone operas : Les Noces de Figaro, Don Juan, Carmen, Faust, La Boheme, Manon, ect. Directed by the most prestigious conductors: R. Kubelik, Previtalli, Plasson, in the major international theatres of Munich, Rome, Lisbonne, The Hague, Amsterdam, Le Vatican (with the Saint Cecilia), Royal Theatre of Versailles. He also sings in cathedrals and churches on the occasion of numerous concerts and carries on for his pleasure recitals with his friend the great pianist Yury Boukoff. In painting, his preference is for Cézanne, Van Gogh, Carlo Carra and above all the great painter Marko who lived in Saint Tropez and who he became very friendly with towards the end of his life. It is him who encouraged Henri Sié to paint without the constraints of "fashions". Fellow of the association of the Saint Tropez painters, Henri Sié exhibits in many countries, Japan, U.S.A., Germany where there are many collectors. "Music and painting are for me a shelter and also a challenge which nothing can replace" says he. His punchy works join strength, colour, contrasts and light his painting delivers more than a feeling, it is the expression of sceneries through the strength and power of its architecture where reds, ochre, yellows and violets explode like strong musical notes.

Henri Sié’s painting talks to us of his music and reflects all its intensity, lightness and poetry.


Henri Sié by Joachim Ferrer

The work of Henri Sié has always been warms, full of colors and light, which strike the viewer, sometimes at limits of abstract, based on a intense vision of reality. Color plans follow, sprinkle, like prisoners of the brush. On these painting strongly built there are reds, deep reds, yellows, blues and purples, a mystic reality.

Henri Sié, crazy about color, crazy about light but at the some time sensitive and feel of poetic meditation.

An exceptional 14th July in Saint Tropez, 1789 - 1989.

A great day for a great celebration: the bicentenary of the French Revolution. A moving moment with “La Marseillaise” sung by Henri Sié, from the balcony of the Saint-Tropez town hall, before over one thousand people !

An unforgettable show as a thousand “voices” sung the national anthem together, as the local baritone released a dove.


Place de la Mairie à Saint Tropez, le 14 juillet 1989.